Dawn Janelle Williams was born to Kimberly Marie Williams and John Davis on April 4, 1988 and is the main protagonist of Midnight. In the first book, Dawn lives in Arizona and  is the popular girl in school who is dating a jock namd Josh. When she meets Midnight who she thinks is beautiful and who she falls in love. She breaks up with her boyfriend who she found him in the bed with a another girl at her friend's house.

In the Hybird, Dawn and Midnight becomes closer to each other. Midnight promises her that he would never let nothing happen to her. They make love together. Dawn gets hurt when she fights Katherine. Rebecca stabs Katherine with a stake. Dawn ask Midnight whats its like becoming a vampire.  She ask him can she become one. Midnight disagreed.

In the Retribution, Dawn and Midnight takes things to the next level .They both have sex. Dawn gets into car accdient and suffers brain damage .Midnight bites her when she loses alot of blood. After 2 days, Dawn awakens as a vampire. After her transformation, Dawn became a powerful vampire with special abilities.Dawn starts to experience moodswings .She discovers she's pregnant with a hybird. After the birth, she named her daugher Marissa Angel Williams. Dawn wasn't expecting to become a mother after her transformation. She changed Rebecca into a vampire so she can be a gaurdian of her daughter.

In the Blood Hunters, Dawn discovers that her father John is working with the vampire hunters. Dawn tells her mother the truth about everything. Dawn must protect her friends and her daughter from the hunters. Dawn starts to suffer hunger from human blood. After the nine months, she finally gives her birth to an girl who she named Marissa. Dawn and her father have an arguement. She tells him the truth. John threaten to kill her.


Midnight's Lover

As a Human: Dawn was descibed to be beautfiul, popular and fun high school. After she founded out that Midnight was an vampire, she becomes open-minded, determined and loyal by Midnight. Dawn was very attractive to Midnight when they meet. As an Vampire:  Dawn was descirbed to be more pure, beauty, and more responisable. After giving birth to her daughter, she became more protective around Midnight, her daughter and friends. Becoming a vampire, it made alive and see the world with an different light. When she did her first hunt, She could smell, taste and feel when she walks through an human. Dawn felt she could do anything with her new abilities. she experienced an special ability: