Kitty Marie was born to Avon and Tara on December 10, 1912 and is the main antagonist in the series.In the first book, Kitty was so jealous at Midnight. She wants to become a powerful immortal. She travels to Arizona to fufil the power of Shane the legendary hybird. Kitty was secretly working for deathwalkers to find the key to Nightrisers.

The HybridEdit

After Shane was resurrected and now she has his power. Kitty goes off killing people even the people who Midnight loves. Shane is furious at Kitty who is really his niece. Kitty kills one of the students at school. She kills over 10 people over bloodlust. She comes up with a plan to kill Midnight's lover Dawn and her best friend Rebecca. Kitty called Midnight about the spring dance. Kitty decides to go to the spring dance.

Blood HuntersEdit

Kitty surrendered and Shane and Midnight let the elders deal with her. Midnight tries figure out about the legendary hunters who call themselves Blood Killers (BK). He seeks help from Kitty. She tells Midnight that Constantine that he will not stop until he kills the person who was responisable for burning his family alive.