Marissa Angel Williams (aka Angel or Izzie or Marie was born on May 5, 2001 in Arizona) is a vampire/human hybird and is member of Shadow Night. Dawn quoted by her daughter "My beautiful angel".

She is the daughter of Dawn and Midnight also granddaughter of Shane and Belinda. Niece of Avon and Tara. Goddaughter/Gaurdian to Rebecca and Michael.

In Retribution, Dawn and Midnight wanted to take things to next level after they maded love in The Hybird. They both have sex. .A few days later ,Dawn starts to experience some mood swings and weird dreams. Dawn gets into a bad car accident. She suffers from brain damage. Midnight decided to change her into a vampire. After 2 days, Dawn awakens as a vampire. After her transformation, Dawn still had moodswings and some visions. Dawn feels a big bump inside her stomach.

Dawn discovers she is pregnant. Dawn ask Midnight does vampires died from giving birth to a half vampire babies. Midnight gives Dawn human or animal blood when the baby is thirsty. After nine months, Dawn finally gives birth and it was a girl .When Dawn saw her baby she had tears. She names her Marissa. Marissa is described to be tall, long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pale. She can survive under human food and blood but she sometimes prefer blood.

Marissa was carried by her mother Dawn when she was turned. Dawn suffer from no pains while carrying her. Marissa kicked many times and Shane somehow was communicating to her. Marissa have 2 special abilities: precognitive dreaming, and healing. A few years, Marissa was rapidly growing. Dawn reads her daughter bedtime stories. She takes Marissa out in the forest to hunt.

  • Marissa's Biological Father
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  • Marissa's Uncle/Gaurdian
  • Marissa's Guardian
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