Michael James Carter (aka Mikey or Mike born on November 20,1902 in California) is a vampire and a member of Shadow Night as well as one of the main protagnist of the series. Michael hates when his people call him Mikey.

He is lover of Rebecca Sanders and best friend of Midnight. Michael's father died when he was 5 months. His mother had breast cancer when he turn 18. After his mother passing, he lived with his auntie then he went to the army.

In the Hybird, Ater the prom was over, Michael seduces Rebecca with his sexual tension and passion. Michael tolded Rebecca that he feel something for her.

Seduction Scene:

  • Michael gives Rebecca a advice
  • Rebecca insults him and leaves
  • Michael gets mad
  • He runs to her and tells that she inside she likes him
  • Rebecca disagreed
  • Michael kisses her
  • She pushes him
  • She kisses him back means"She liked it
  • The kiss becomes extremely intense and ends in his room
  • Rebecca rips his shirt off
  • Michael rips her dress and he kisses her neck

It was a big shootout in the army, Michael was killed. He was sent to the hospital. Tara came in the room and changed him into a vampire. Michael gained powers over transformation. He goes out of control because of the thirst of human blood. He got stopped by Avon and Tara. After the army, he joined a coven called Shadow Night. He meets Midnight and they became best friends. Michael had always had Midnight's back whatever happens. Michael never liked his sister Kitty. He goes to Arizona with Midnight to find Kitty.