Rebecca Donna Sanders was born to Christina and Larry Sanders on June ,24 1989. and is one of the main protagonist. In the first book, Rebecca is best friend of Dawn and she was disliking Midnight and Michael. She think that Midnight was creepy, strange and mysterious. She was single. Rebecca was throwing her birthday party on Saturday.

She is the Lover of Michael James Carter and Best friend of Dawn. She knew the myths about mystical creatures from her grandmother. She couldnt stand Michael until he seduces her with his passion and sexual tension. Rebecca becomes attractive to him.

The HybirdEdit

Rebecca goes to see Dawn but she was at Midnight's house. Michael was taking a bath. He heard Rebecca come in. Michael got out the tub. Rebecca wonders where Dawn was. Michael tolded her she gone somewhere with Midnight. Rebecca turned around. She was surprised. "WOW REALLY!!!" said Rebecca. Rebecca tells Michael to put a towel on.


Rebecca admits that she likes him and starts a relationship with him. She comes to London with Dawn to be with Michael. Rebecca and Michael make love in bed. While trying to escape from Patrick, Rebecca gets shot and was rushed to an hospital.

She becomes a vampire and godmother to Dawn's daughter Marissa. After the high school, Rebecca went off to college when she came back. She and Michael got married and had 4 kids: Marissa's future of Rebecca.