Midnight : A vampire named Midnight has an awkward life with his family. His evil little sister kitty goes missing. She heads to Arizona to find Shane the legendary hybrid. She wants to have his power to become a powerful immortal. Midnight and his vampire friend Michael goes to look for her. Midnight and Michael decides to go to school undercover. He meets a beautiful girl named Dawn who he falls in love. Midnight faces obstacles while living in Arizona.

Midnight: The Hybrid-After Shane was resurrected by Kitty and now she has his power. She goes off killing people around the city. Midnight is angry at Kitty. Midnight uncovers a big secret that was kept from him since he was born. Midnight teams up with Dawn, Oscar, Michael, Tara and Shane to stop Kitty.

Midnight: Eclipse- Kitty’s surrendered then they let the elders ‘deal with her .Dawn and Midnight got closer and decides to take things to the next level. After Midnight founds about his past. He becomes closer with his father. Midnight starts search for his birth mother. Dawn becomes a vampire. Dawn discovers she is pregnant.