Werewolf by gfxglobe
 Werewolf are one of the most dangereous mytical creatures in the world. These are the vampire's enemies. Vampires and werewolves was at war back in 1866. The was ended 1896. The head leader of vampires was Aaron Mccoy. The head leader of werewolves was Victor Hopkins. Aaron and Victor both of died from natural causes. The new leaders was Shane and Johnny .Werewolves change during a full moon. A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire. Werewolves was designed to kill vampires. Sometimes they still hunt for human blood where their no vampire to kill.

Victor Hopkins was the first werewolf existed in 1785. He was cursed during a full moon when his father was murdered. Victor killed 20 people in Italy. He met Aaron when he was in London. Victor thought Aaron was a werewolf but he was a vampire. Aaron and Victor got into a rough fight in Arizona 1802. Aaron tricked Victor into going to a old tomb where vampires are dead. Aaron traped Victor in